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  • Choose what you like. Be confident. Look Good.

    A watch club that fits your style.

Zew Box currently offers two club membership levels that offer watches on a quarterly basis.

There are no obligations, no additional fees, and you only pay the fee if you order a watch that is featured that quarter.

Set Apart from the Rest.

What We Are

Join the only watch club that allows you to curate your collection to match your style and preferences. Whether you prefer a classic style, modern designs, or something a little different, Zew Box has options for you to choose from that fit your taste.

Become a member to receive exclusive access and discounts, and only order when you’re ready to add to your collection.

How We Work

Your watch is an extension of your personality. When you join Zew Box, you become a member of an exclusive club that allows you to build a timepiece for you and you alone. Zew Box members will receive first access to the latest models from popular brands with the exclusive ability to customize the watches to match your preferences.

Your style, your choice – it’s that easy.

What You Get

When you join Zew Box, you’re not signing up for a subscription where you’re billed monthly and have no say in what product you get. You choose what you want every step of the way – you get access quarterly to the latest featured models that haven’t even been released into the market, you can choose whether you want to purchase, and you can customize them to your liking.  Zew Box only features watches that use Swiss movements – only the best for our members.

Choose your own adventure.

A watch club for those who know their style.

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